Advertise your business in Google!

Google Ads is Google´s advertising system in which you can create campaigns to appear on search results of possible customers. We can help you to create a Google Ads campaign with our certified experts.

Known as Pay-per-Click (PPC). We help you find your target market with and structure the best campaign to your service or product. We have managed more that $1M USD

We are certified experts!

Don´t waste your money, come to get the help of the certified experts in Primero Negocios. We are trusted by Google for our procedures and results with our clients.

Our experience talks for itself. We have managed more that $1M USD on PPC campaigns.

Google Ads Certified

  • Monthly reports with useful data
  • Pay for lead or for having an active campaign
  • We help you to reach your audience
  • Let us help you to get the correct search terms and keywords

Benefits of Google Ads

Pay only if someone clicks on your ad

You only pay when someone is searching your keywords or the topics where you want to appear.

advanced tracking

Get specific tracking of the type of customers that are trying to contact you and the efficiency of your campaign.


We have a specialized team in UI & UX to achieve the best experience and appearance in your new app.

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