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7 signs that tell you it’s time to redesign your website

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Nowadays, having an updated, fast, attractive website with good design and modern technology is very important in order to attract new clients, so if your website presents any of the following signals, it is time to redesign your website.

1. Obsolete Technology

Believe it or not, in 2018 there are still websites that were developed in the 90’s and are the image of companies and firms of different large companies. If this is your case, it is urgent that you update your website, since it is working with technology that is no longer supported by modern search engines. If the website has stopped fulfilling its purpose which is to attract new customers, at that moment we must start working on the renewal of the site, and for this, we give you the following advice:

  • Improve the speed of the website
  • Change the design or theme so that it looks modern
  • Give special attention to where the website will be hosted
  • Use new colors and new animations to help make the website look modern

2. Slow website

This is a very important element for the positioning of the website and for the users, since, if a website stays loading for more than 5 seconds, the user tends to lose interest and look for another one more than if it meets the expectations.

This point may be due to several of the following reasons:

  • An inadequate hosting for the website so it takes longer to load the page.
  • Images and videos that weigh a lot, which makes the page much slower.

Among other elements that may be affecting the loading speed of the website, for this, we recommend using the tool of Google Page Speed where it gives you an analysis of the elements that are causing these problems / pagespeed / insights /? hl = en

3. Website design very old or out of trend

As they say, from the sight of love is born, this is precisely the case, the website must have a fresh design and be according to market trends. When the website is out of trend with a not modern design, this does not generate enough confidence to contact them and request their services or products and this is totally understandable since an updated and well-maintained site generates enough confidence to that the client makes the first contact.

4. Zero in User Experience

The user experience is extremely important since it is a factor of what the client experienced when using the website. If it was easy or complicated to use it, as well as the fact of what the client felt when using your site. When a customer has a bad experience it is doubtful that he will return to the website, for example, he did not find what he was looking for easily or he could not make a purchase, etc., any element that hinders the experience on the site is subtracting points so that this user becomes a customer.

5. The website is not responsive

It is unthinkable that a website is not responsive, as there are more and more people with cell phones with internet access. Your site should be able to be seen in a fluid way both on computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Likewise, not having a website optimized for mobile devices can be costing you to have bad results in any type of advertising that you do for your business.

6. New customers from your website have decreased

If the clients that your company attracts through the website have gone down, it may be due to several reasons, but usually, the website has become obsolete and needs to be renewed.

7. The services you offer on your business have changed

If the services or products you offer in your business are no longer the same or you have new products, the time has come to renew the website.

And you, do you have the web that your business needs?

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